What Is Double Cross Strain?

The Double Cross Strain is an indica-dominant hybrid that has a strong THC level, usually from 23.21% to 28%. It comes from blending Moonbow #73 with Face Off OG. The taste of this strain can be described as woody, spicy and citrusy. For people who use it for medical reasons, the Double Cross Strain can help with conditions such as fibromyalgia, arthritis and ongoing pain problems.

The Creation of Double Cross Strain

Double Cross Strain comes from Archive Seed Bank, a very famous cannabis seed bank. It is the result of crossing Moonbow #73 with Face Off OG. The strain Moonbow #73 displays characteristics typical of kush-heavy dominant hybrids, emitting a sweet and pungent scent reminiscent of candied petroleum cleaner.

When smoked, it produces a kush-heavy cloud that brings to mind the experience one gets from smoking the best batches of OG. Face Off OG, a powerful indica strain, is known for its strong Z back end.

The intentions of breeding Double Cross were to make a powerful indica-dominant hybrid that has complex flavors and high THC content; this goal is met with woody, spicy and citrus hints in taste.

The Flavor Profile of Double Cross Strain

It has a taste that is complex. It has flavors of wood, spice and citrus. The feeling of wood and spice gives a comforting feeling whereas the citrus flavor makes one feel refreshed or rejuvenated. This combination of tastes provides a sensory experience which is calming yet exciting at the same time, making it popular among people who like cannabis.

The Effects of Double Cross Strain

The Double Cross strain is famous for its strong impact, offering a range of relaxation and calming effects. These are the main effects:

Sleep Inducement

Users often feel enveloped in a calm sleep quite quickly after taking Double Cross, showing it is effective against insomnia and other sleep problems. The strain’s strong relaxing effects assist users to fall asleep faster and have enhanced quality of sleep.

Appetite Stimulation

Double Cross can be helpful for those who are experiencing a loss of appetite because of medical treatments or conditions. It may make them feel hungry and support them in returning to their normal eating habits. The result of this could be very beneficial, especially for patients dealing with illnesses that reduce hunger feelings.

Pain Management

Double Cross delivers considerable relief from chronic pain, displaying encouraging outcomes for individuals suffering with fibromyalgia, arthritis and comparable ailments. Its potent muscle-relaxing effects penetrate deeply into the muscles, lessening symptoms that numerous people consider incapacitating. The strain has a high THC content of about 28%, helping it to be effective in pain management.


Double Cross strain users frequently experience a strong feeling of relaxation. This is because this strain has more indica properties, which bring on a soothing and calming effect that helps ease stress and tightness in the body. Such relaxation might be very helpful for patients who want to find relief from anxiety or depression.

The Medical Benefits

The Double Cross strain has a powerful healing effect, especially for handling long-lasting pain such as from fibromyalgia and arthritis. With its high THC level at 28% on average, this variety is favored by knowledgeable users of marijuana who desire strong relief from continual discomfort and sleep problems.

Its dominance in indica brings about deep relaxation which eases symptoms linked with fibromyalgia or arthritis; this makes the strain very useful to patients suffering from these ailments.

Double Cross Strain

The Art of Growing Double Cross Strain

To thrive, the Double Cross strain needs specific care and close observation. The plant is of medium height with a lush structure, showing off thick buds filled with resin. People who grow it should make sure there’s enough air movement and keep humidity levels under control so as not to allow mold or mildew growth during its flowering phase.

Top and train methods can help you get the most from your plants, both in terms of yield and structure. Double Cross enjoys a warm Mediterranean climate and can be grown inside or outside. As long as it is nurtured well, you should anticipate a good harvest of this powerful indica-dominant mix.

The Best Ways to Consume

To enjoy the unique taste characteristics and therapeutic effects of the Double Cross strain, you can use it in various ways:

Smoking Flower

Consuming the dried and cured buds of Double Cross strain through smoking is quite common. This method lets people appreciate its wood, spice, and citrus tastes while feeling its strong calming impacts.


The flowers or concentrates of Double Cross can be vaporized, which is a good method to consume this strain. By vaporizing, more terpenes and cannabinoids are saved compared to smoking. This makes the taste better and the experience smoother.


When you eat Double Cross, like in gummies or baked goods, it gives effects that last for a longer time. The cannabinoids are processed through a different way when you eat them orally, making the experience stronger and lengthier.


For a stronger and quicker effect, you can use Double Cross concentrates like wax or shatter. Concentrates have more THC in them than the flower, so they are good for people who are used to using marijuana and want a strong experience.


Using Double Cross topicals, like creams or balms, can give relief in a specific area for conditions such as arthritis and long-lasting pain. Topicals do not cause any mind-altering effects making them appropriate for people who desire to steer clear of the “high” linked with other ways of consuming cannabinoids.

The high THC content along with the dominant terpene myrcene in this strain combine to give it relaxing as well as sleep-inducing effects which makes it favored by people looking for relief from constant pain like those dealing with fibromyalgia or arthritis.

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